The team behind the work

We are a group of passionate developers and solution architects with the power to bring your ideas to life

Just like our business, our teams are professional, agile and experts in their fields, ready to deliver best in class solutions that fit your business today and tomorrow.



Our vision is to make technology work for humans and businesses


As digital experts, our team’s mission is to guide you, develop and deliver to you the best technical and people centric software solutions that your business needs.

The team behind the solutions

Recruited with care and devotion, every team member at Ideatolife is a core part of the solution. Subdivided within expert units, our teams are dedicated to their tasks and to delivering best in class solutions within their specialty.


Ali Zein
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ali Zein’s career has been focused on delivering solutions to clients and internal partners alike. His 14years of experience attest to his native technology and software leadership skills, but also to his ability to adapt to all environments. For Ali technology has always worked for the benefit of business and people, and not the other way around. Ideatolife has reaped the rewards and results brought by Ali’s cunning talents and vision.

Shuja Ahmed
Co-Founder, Tech Lead

Shuja Ahmed joined the team as a founding partner and set to lead and build the Tech team. He had been consulting for RTA after having sold his successful software development company. As the Senior Tech Lead, with 9 years of technology background, has the mindset, skills, and experience that build ideatolife to what it is today.

Loubna Ibrahim
Co-Founder, Design Thinking Lead

Loubna is a Human Centered Design consultant, she started her tech career in 2014 and founded her own tech startup. Being very passionate and an advocate of the Design Thinking process, Loubna became a Google certified Trainer for UX and Design Thinking. She is heavily engaged in the innovation and civic ecosystems in Europe and the Middle East where she has given and participated in many talks and workshops in DT, UX, UI and innovation for people. Today, Loubna is leading the Product & Innovation “LABS” team at Ideatolife.

A team that grows together

With the constant evolution and stream of innovative technical solutions from all over the world, we are committed to ensure all units within Ideatolife learn, master, and adapt cutting edge knowledge and skills towards your custom solution. This is the type of growth and approach we believe in to deliver the best value in the market.

For us, success is value

Each one of us at Ideatolife understands that the right guidance creates real value and improves the bottom line of any business, from blue-chip organizations to startups. We ensure that the resulting custom software solutions are key for the expansion of your business - the reason being that it is meant to provide you with a competitive advantage in your market

Our technology stack

Our specialized teams are set and ready to tackle any challenge that your business is facing with a growing list of technology at our disposal.

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